Making Customers Impressed by Donuts and Hospitality Krispy Kreme Doughnuts(Japan) Co,.Ltd.(Sweets shop)

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Co,.Ltd.

President: Kotaro Okamoto

Address: 3-10-13 Shibuya R Sunkei Building, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Establish: June 2006


Business content: Making and selling donut

Parent company: Krispy Kreme donut

Employee: Full time 135 people

※The content of the article applies during the time of the interview. The situation may change by time.

Working hard steadily make us the World’s No. 1

Krispy Kreme Donut first opened in December 2006 at Shinjuku Southern Terrace. The long queues for many consecutive days marked a new popularity record. The delicately soft and melt-in-mouth original glaze donuts became popular in no time. The process of making donuts that can be seen through the glass panel also contributed to the popularity of the store as well. Also, the store offers both cafe and take-out counter, which makes it convenient for customers to visit the store easily in all occasions.

The brand message of the company which is “Creating Magic Moments” (CMM) aims to make customers impressed and happy by using donuts and hospitality. In order to carry out the CMM project, Krispy Kreme has been using Mystery Shopping Research (MSR) since 2009. The staff share the points that they realize from the comments of the monitors during meeting and come up with methods for improvement together. The staff who is chosen to be the “Shining Staff” by the monitor 3 times will receive a complimentary badge and those who are chosen 5 times will have their names in the hall of fame. It took 3 years until this cycle can run by itself. When there was one of the branches received 180 score out of 200 from the report, all the other branches were impressed and started to aim for such high score as well. Today, about 30% of all of the branches receive scores of about 180. Because of this steady hard work, as a result, Krispy Kreme Japan’s hospitality is ranked first among all of the Krispy Kreme branches in the world. 


The final process of making donut. The donut will be covered in topping and decorated according to their types.

Setting up the Company Improvement Committee

At Krispy Kreme Japan, the high-priority matters are not handed top-down. The voices of the staff working in the store are deemed important. A company improvement committee is set up where the staff truly has power to suggest and make improvement in the company.


Retail team is in charge of recommending seasonal products to customers, selling the products to the customers with smile and be the “Face of the store.” They make customers happy by using donuts and their smiles.

For example, the sale team sets up sale target by referring to the last year’s sale and launch marketing program uniquely to their own branch. Especially when the branch is located in the department store, the campaigns and events in the department store highly effect the sale of the store. Marketing campaigns tailored to each of the store are thus very important.

At one of the branches, Donut Class for Children is set up. A small area of the guest seat are advocated to the participating children who wear cap and apron to make donuts just like the staff.(Limited number of children and need registration in advance)

By launching such events, the sale is likely to improve from the previous year. The store can also contribute to the community. Moreover, the organization team can use this opportunity to strengthen the relation between each team. The cost-reduction team can study about controlling the cost on human resource and ingredients. The customer satisfaction team can acquire know-how about how to utilize CMM and MSR to train the staff. With the voices of the staff being heard, the company can improve even further, leading to many fruitful results.

日本第1号店 新宿サザンテラス店

Shinjuku Southern Terrace branch, which is the first branch in Japan. The delicious original recipe that has been invented since 1937 is highly cherished.​​​​​​​