Privacy Policy

Business is established upon the trust and confidence of customers, employees and society as a whole. Conducting business activities is impossible without trust.

For that reason, we pledge to give our utmost to protect the privacy of our customers and employees.
【Basic Principles】
1.We will collect personal information only when there is a clear business need for it, and only collect the minimum amount necessary.
2.We will strictly manage the use of personal information in order to maintain its reliability.
3.We will comply with laws, regulations and codes of conduct applicable to the personal information in our possession.
4.We will never provide personal information about our customers and employees to any third party, including the government and other
  organizations, without approval unless demanded to do so based on the provisions of laws and regulations.
5.We will not unnecessarily keep any information, including information related to our customers and employees.
6.We will establish an “Information Security Committee” and engage in company-wide efforts to develop and improve management systems and
  mechanisms for the protection of personal information with the awareness of our duty to protect the privacy rights of our customers and 
   employees described above.
7.We will provide employee education and conduct audits at least once a year as activities for the continuous improvement of personal
  information protection.
Management of Personal Information
We limit access to personal information to our officers and employees who have been permitted to view it based on operational necessity.
To ensure the accuracy and security of personal information, we implement the appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage as well as take the necessary corrective actions in compliance with the rules and regulations related to information security.
We will endeavor to apply the same management standards in the event we outsource the processing, etc. of personal information.
Disclosure of Personal Information
We will never disclose your personal information to any third party without approval unless demanded to do so based on the provisions of laws and regulations.
We will refuse to comply with unenforceable requests for the disclosure of personal information from a government agency unless a subpoena or warrant has been issued in court.
When communicating with a third party, we will confirm the identity of that individual as necessary to ensure that individual is not an unauthorized person impersonating a customer or employee.
We will comply with any request you make for the disclosure, correction or deletion, etc. of your personal information that we possess. Please refer to disclosure request procedures for further details.
Collection and Purpose of Use of Personal Informatio
We will collect the personal information required for the performance of our consulting business and operations related thereto. We will clarify the purpose of collection, and collect only the required information via a legitimate means in compliance with the laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information.

We will collect the personal information you have willingly submitted through the personal information input form, etc. on this website when applying to participate in seminars and register as a member.

We will strictly manage the personal information we have collected and, in principle, limit use to the following purposes when essential for the performance of business.

To Contact You About Business-Related Matters
1.To provide information related to the products and services offered by this Company or our Group companies
   ・Consulting services, education and training related services, and management diagnostic services, etc.
   ・The sale of various management-related manuals, etc.
   ・FC business / new business-related services, etc.
2.To provide information about seminars and lectures, etc. organized, sponsored or co-sponsored by this Company or our Group companies
3.To solicit monitors for our research business
4.To provide information about our personnel placement service
5.To respond to your enquiries
6.For any other purposes for which you have agreed to provide your personal information
Provision of Personal Information to Subcontractors
We may provide your personal information to our subcontractors within the minimum scope necessary when we have subcontracted part of our business to a third party. It should be noted that we will only subcontract work to subcontractors who meet our prescribed standards. We will also enter into an agreement on the handling of personal information with our subcontractors and perform appropriate supervision.
Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
We will notify you in the event your personal information will be disclosed or provided to a third party other than our Group companies or subcontractors, pursuant to the provisions of “provision of personal information to subcontractors” above. Please note that we will stop providing your personal information to third parties if you have requested we do so. However, this shall not preclude the provision of your personal information to third parties in the case we have been subjected to demands based on laws and regulations, etc.
Please direct any enquiries or complaints concerning this website and the handling of personal information to the following contact

MS & Consulting Co., Ltd.

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TEL: 03-5649-1185 (switchboard) (Japanese only)